9-line slots are elegant in their simplicity. 9-line slots are perfect for those who want to play online slots without thinking or confusing bonus games. Jackpots and payouts are common. It’s simple to play and learn 9-line slots. Charles Fey created these popular casino games in the late 1800s, during the same technological revolution that gave us the phonograph, telephone, and automobile. Slot machines quickly became one of the most popular casino games due to their ease of use, instant payouts, and higher payouts for smaller bets.

Choose a reputable online casino with the best bonuses and promotions. Check out the games and pick one of the 9-line slots. Machines will reveal unique designs and features. The 9 line machines all work the same. You spin the reels to win. Usually winning combinations consist of several symbols of the same type. But the reels may contain two bonus symbols. They’re scattered and wild. Scatters and wilds have different functions, but they both help you win more money.

In addition to the bonus features and special symbols found in traditional slots, 5 reel 9 line slots have some unique features. So, by playing a 9-line slot machine, you can win free spins.

The Object of Slot Machines

This casino game’s goal is simple. To make symbol combinations that pay out according to a payout chart.

Online slot machines show the player’s status in several ways:

Credits: The player’s total balance.

Paid: The last pull’s coin win.

Lines: The total number of pay lines chosen by the player. Players are only paid for winning combinations on active pay lines.

Coins Per Line: The total number of coins bet on each pay line.

Total Bet: The total amount bet on the next spin. Number of selected lines times number of coins per line.

Coin Value: Each coin’s monetary value.

Online slots have controls that allow players to select their bets:

The select line buttons allow the player to select the pay lines for the next spin. Before spinning the reels, one line must be chosen. To catch a winning combination, select all lines.

If at least one pay line is selected, the player can quickly place the maximum number of coins per line.

Coins Per Line: Adds 1 coin per line. Excessive coinage per line resets the value to 1. After selecting the desired number of coins per line and at least one pay line, the player can manually spin the reels by clicking the spin button.

The spin button becomes active when at least one pay line and one coin per line are selected. The reels start spinning when you press the spin button. Once the reels start spinning, cashing out or adding more coins is not permitted.

This button provides quick access to a list of all winning symbol combinations and their payouts.


Set the slot machine’s denomination. This will set the coin value. Followed by selecting which pay lines should be active for the next spin. Finish by selecting your pay lines and clicking the Coins Per Line button to place your bets. To automatically wager five coins on all selected lines, use the Bet Max Spin button (balance permitting).


The reels will start spinning and stop on a random symbol. This depends on the winning combination along the selected pay lines.