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Citadel Instant Banking Online Casino

Citadel Commerce offers e-money transfers in 33 nations. In addition to being a member of the UK Electronic Money Association, Citadel is also based in Canada. Citadel began in 2000. Citadel offers a low-risk and low-cost method of transferring funds between online casino accounts. No credit or debit card is required, which adds to the security of Citadel Instant Banking. You only use funds from your own bank account.

Citadel also Offers Excellent Customer Service, Available 24/7.

The Instant Banking by Citadel logo is required to use Citadel’s services at your favorite South African online casino. Then simply follow the casino’s banking instructions.

How to Open a Citadel Account

No need to create a Citadel account. Simply select Citadel Instant Banking from the list of banking options. You may need to download an app to access your internet banking and then transfer funds to your online casino account. A payment wizard helps you make the transfer, reducing the chance of an error.

Citadel Instant Banking Deposit and Withdrawal

To use Instant Banking by Citadel, simply click on the Instant Banking by Citadel logo. Some online casinos give players who deposit with Citadel Instant Banking a nice bonus. Deposits are instantaneous.

Withdrawing funds from your online casino account using Citadel Instant Banking is also simple. The only difference is that while deposits are instant, withdrawals can take up to 4 working days to process.

Why Is Citrus Instant Pay

Citadel Instant Payments launched in the UK in 2000 and has since become a leading e-commerce payment provider.

The provider acts as a go-between for your internet bank account and your Citadel casino. No extra accounts or Citadel Instant Payment logins required. The best part is that the service is free!

Here are Some Highlights:

  • Citadel Instant Payments has no hidden fees.
  • No need to sign up for Citadel Instant Payments.
  • Citadel Instant Payments is available in 15 countries.
  • Multiple security layers, including multi-factor authentication

Where can I find More Information?

Citadel Instant Payments works with over 300 banks in over 15 countries, so check if yours is listed. No prior Citadel account is required. After depositing, you will receive a payment receipt, which adds to the provider’s reliability.

Simple Steps to Deposit with Citadel Instant Payments:

1 – Then select Citadel Instant Payments.

2 – Select your preferred back from the menu.

3 – Log in to your bank as usual.

4 – Choose the desired account.

5 – Approve the payment and you’re ready to go.

Withdrawing Money

Citadel Instant Payments is not an e-wallet. As a result, Citadel will not allow you to withdraw funds.

However, most casinos offer an alternative withdrawal method. You can use a credit card, cryptocurrency, or an e-wallet. Check out our guide to depositing and withdrawing funds.